Hey boys, it’s summer. The sun’s out, boys are stripping down to tight Tees that tantalisingly flaunt their impressive guns. Oh, what dream it would be to be able to live a Carrie Bradshaw life, hopping from one bar to another sipping on cocktails as you share your adventurous shenanigans with you pals.

Of course, that isn’t everyone’s real life and for most of us we have to work. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than being a teacher. Yes, during our school years, we may not have appreciated them as much as we should have, but when you get older you do actually realise just how important figures of authority actually were to us.

Meet Eddie Aylett, a secondary school teacher who is also a member of his school’s Senior Leadership team. Here, he explains how he got his job and how 

So you’re a teacher. Brave man! What does your day entail?

I teach across three subject areas, Drama, PE and Science. In addition to those subjects, I also line manage three curriculum areas and a group of students. My lessons come first, then marking and feedback. These are the main focus of any classroom teacher!

How did you get started?

My mother, sister and twin brother are all teachers so it wasn’t really an option, it was just a natural progression! I hadn’t decided I wanted to teach until I supported my mother’s school on school tours in the 1990s! Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else! I really did enjoy my times at school, college and university and really love my job now! Even before I was a teacher, I got involved at my mum’s place of work and assisted with her school’s tours overseas

What kind of people do you get to work with?

All kinds of people and that’s what makes it such a joy! I am global leader and make partnerships with school and staff across the globe, so get to meet people from all difference walks of life from around the world! I have been extremely lucky and have travelled extensively with my school and giving students the opportunity to experience different cultures. And when it comes to going away, support staff are very important! Without the support of staff, then I could not complete the job to the level I do! They are amazing!

What did you before this job?

Throughout college and university I was working in retail at a major supermarket and spent years at a Beefeater restaurant as a waiter. But you know what? Working in the restaurant trade and in retail prepared me for the world of work. It taught me about the meaning of hard work!

What did you study at school?

We had a wide curriculum choice however I always wanted to keep my options open so studied PE, Drama and Business Studies before my PE degree. I even took part in amateur dramatics and played Sydney Carlton in A Tale of Two Cities opposite my brother.

When you were at school, was there support at school about your chosen career path?

My head of year and head of house were amazing! My head of house, Mrs Deborah Stacey was amazing! Approachable, humble and trustworthy! She took over our form class after our form tutor became ill! Mrs Stacey gave me responsibly, trust and care that enabled me to grow as a person! My mother, in her role as a teacher, also supported me in my decision to become a teacher, for which I am extremely grateful

What’s the hardest thing about your job?
Each day is different and my list differs daily! I am extremely lucky that I teach across curriculum areas do my days differ! Organising trips and activities also help to allow students a broad and balanced curriculum

What makes it so fulfilling?

The student’s brilliant results! When they do so well, I am so proud of them. Plus the fact that you are able to see students grow and mature into amazing young adults! Having a good rapport with families is paramount. I just want the best for every pupil and will help where possible. I met an ex pupil family last weekend! We chatted about the pupils progress and how I had impact on their life! This was extreme fulfilling!

Eddie, you are involved in the Global Youth Organisation that was founded  by 17 year old Kieran Goodwin. What’s it about and what do you do?

I got involved with the GYN when we entered a project at school! I now help coordinate this however my passion lies in my teaching role and my role as trustee for the World Youth Organisation.

What advice would you give to others about getting started in your job?

You need a passion for teaching! It is not just a 9-5 job, it’s a passion that goes beyond normal working hours! Teaching is almost to me, considered a way of life! To some that may sound exaggerated and or over thought but to make sure the progress of every child takes place needs commitment. I also believe that this is a commitment for teachers, parents and students if we are to work collaboratively together for each pupil.

Do you think teachers get there credit they deserve? Mr Burton on Educating Yorkshire really highlighted how   teachers are so important to the development of students…

Teachers that go beyond the call of duty are credited. Either by results, a smile of success or a thank you! Teachers are there to develop each and every child and to unlock potential.

Amen. And if a pupil is gay at school and find themselves victims of homophobic bullying, how is that dealt with within the school?

When bullying does take place the systems are in place to deal with this. The importance is education of the scenario and being honest and having transparency with all parties involved to ensure that the open being bullied are listened to and the person causing trouble sees what upset they are causing. We have a large network of support and guidance for anyone who is going through a tough time.


You’re an out teacher, you must be an inspiration to young guys and horns at school.

If I’m honest, I do try to keep my private life as private as possible. Most teachers do! I live with my boyfriend Aurelio and have a dog called Rupert. In the work place friends know Aurelio and we socialise with them. I am extremely grateful for the love of friends and family ever since coming out.
We have been together for four years and have just celebrated this anniversary!