GuysLikeU‘s dating columnist Dean McCullough lands his own radio show. (Er, where the hell’s GuysLikeU FM?????)

In the week notorious First Dates star Daniel May landed himself a radio show, we can happily reveal that GuysLikeU dating columnist – and former star of E4’s Young Free & Single – Dean McCullough, is set to launch a show of his own too. (Lesson learned? If you want a radio show? Get gobby on GuysLikeU!)

We caught up with the handsome chappy to find out what we can expect from his new show on Wandsworth Radio.

So you’ve landed your first radio show… how did that come about?

When I was a kid I used to set up my own pretend radio station at my desk in my bedroom and I would take requests from people (my brother) and I would record it on my karaoke machine and give the cassettes to my friends and make them listen to me! Our most played artists were probably… Steps, S Club 7 and Westlife! So many years later (last week) I said to myself, I want my own radio show. Wandsworth Radio have a great reputation for launching radio careers and the team are all highly respected so I emailed them, got a meeting, pitched my idea and I am very very excited to bring Steps back to the airwaves! Just kidding!

Oh please do! We’ve missed them! What can we expect from the show?

The show is a breakfast show like no other. Forget Nick Grimshaw! This show is about all things that are HOT! So we will be covering this weeks HOT topics. From politics, local issues, advice forums and pretty much every thing that other stations are afraid to talk about. It’s really about the people of London and what they think, a real chance them to have their say on the hottest topics of the week. I will then be bringing you exclusive HOT gossip interviews with various wonderful people who will of course be sharing their views on the topics of the day as well as having a bit of craic and indulging us in all the gossip! I will be out and about across the week also reporting on film premieres, press nights and pretty much any event I can sneak into to… I’ll be bringing all that back to Wandsworth Radio. That wasn’t an S Club 7 reference, but the way!

Have you always wanted to be a radio presenter?

Presenting is really taking off for me at the moment and I am so so so lucky and grateful to be doing something I really love. But it kinda bothers me! I’ve been training to dance, sing and act since I was a foetus and factor in the hundreds of thousands of pounds spend on my training and since I’ve graduated people pay me to talk… Which I’ve done since I was two! For free, no training required! Musical Theatre is still my passion and my first love, it’s hard to peddle all these bikes at once and I’m about to sign with an incredible new manager so I’ll be back onstage (as well as presenting) very soon.

Daniel May recently landed himself a local radio show – what do you make of that?


Good for Daniel. I mean, I knew he was trying to make a splash by creating all that hype to land himself in the spotlight. He’s totally gone about it the wrong way as you kind of need people to tune in to make your show work and if he’s pissed that many people off… It’s gonna be a lonely time on air. It’s just such a shame that Daniel had to lie, offend and make a really bad impression of himself when he just wanted to be famous. I really hope this is a lesson to anyone out their thinking of abusing their place in the gay community for attention, it’s not a good idea. Find something good to do, volunteer at Pride in London, go work with the volunteers at Dean Street or just simply look forward to a bright and beautiful future for members of the LGBT community because that is what give a positive message, a long career and lots of love back in return. I’m actually working when Daniel’s on air but I’m sure he’s great.

What kind of guests can we expect on your show?


I want my studio to be over flowing with guests if I can get them out of their beds at that time of morning. I want people to wake up with me and feel like there’s a little party/soirée happening helping them on their way to work, on the school run or whilst they hurry last nights lover out the door and back to where he came from. I want MPs, columnists, activists, realists, local people, musicians and if you really have something to say or want to promote something… Drop me a message on Twitter and I’ll get the kettle on!

And music?

Music is a big part of the show. It’s a chance to feel uplifted and to kick start your day with some absolute classics to the latest chart hits with a generous mix of new artists and hot requests from my lovely people.

Where do you hope this takes you next?

What’s next? Who knows… I am in talks at the moment with a very well known HILARIOUS telly show about appearing on their new series. They are very keen and it could be fun so we shall see what happens. Lots of cool things are happening, I’m working with an amazing team at Gala TV at the moment presenting their show for them and I’m learning so much from a live environment and each time we come off air at the end of the night I honestly think to myself I wanna do this live telly stuff for the rest of my life but I’ve so much else I want to do, my life is nuts but I’m one step closer to becoming my idol and that’s all that matters… (Love you Philip* if your reading)

Dean’ s Breakfast Show is on Wednesday/Thursday Mornings 7-10am at, where you can hear hot topics that matter to you, hot gossip you won’t hear elsewhere!