Meet gorgeous Daniel Rymer, hairstylist extraordinaire. This is the lucky fella who gets to run his fingers through the lush barnets of stars such as Harry Judd and Nick Jonas!  At 31, he has recently opened his own male grooming salon in Bristol, just six years after kicking off his professional career. Here, Daniel explains he went from cutting hair for beer money to running his own business.

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Hey Daniel, so tell us about yourself.

I have my own male grooming salon in Bristol. I am also a session and celebrity stylist, having worked with the likes of Boris Johnson, Nick Jonas, Adam Lambert, McBusted, Louis Smith, Pixie Lott, ASOS and up and coming designers Christopher Shannon, James Long, Craig Green and Bobby Abley just to name a few at London collections men. I was also recently taken to Milan fashion week to assist on three shows. I have been head hunted for a London session work agency and I’m a key member and ambassador for Unite hair and Go247.

Phew! You sound super busy! What does your day-to-day entail?

It depends on what emails I get the night before from my agency and if I have to jump on a 5am train to London the next day for a photoshoot job. Otherwise I’m in the salon looking after my clients.

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How did you get started?

I actually started hairdressing at 25 so I was a very late starter. But I had always grown up around hairdressing. As a child I visited clients with my mum before her mobile business progressed into opening her own salon, but I’ve always had a creative career in mind. I studied foundation art and design before graduating with a degree in product design. However, I soon realised that working behind a computer screen wasn’t for me.

So what did you do next?

I followed in the footsteps of my mum into hairdressing. I moved to Manchester to train at the Toni And Guy Academy, first achieving a diploma in cutting and colour. I then moved back home to the southwest and started working at Essensuals in Bath where I got a vardering diploma through the Toni And Guy Academy in London.

Was it an easy ride?

There were, I have to admit, a few obstacles I’ve had to deal with along the way. I wanted to be a hairdresser when I was at school but as I was a small town I didn’t come out until I was at university and felt more comfortable about who I was. It’s then, when I was cutting my mates’ hair for beer money, pretending my mum had trained me, that I realised how much I enjoyed it. I then got to a point in my life after uni, when I was working in a bar, not knowing what to do with my life feeling so depressed, I was out every night partying and decided I needed to change my ways.

And here you are….

Yes, here I am. I’m now 31 and feel I have achieved so much in such a short time. It’s been a lot of hard work to get where I am but I still have so many more personal goals I want to achieve in my career.

And with your own salon. How hard was it to start up your own business?

I started my business in June this year. It’s been a massive eye opener. Sometimes it’s the best /worse thing I have done but I don’t regret it. It’s still early days for me but everything is going so well. I got to a point in my life when I got bored of making money for someone else and decided to look into opening my own grooming salon. I was very lucky to be left an inheritance from my grandfather which gave me the help to start my business. It was meant to be my house deposit but I’m sure it will not be long until I have made that money back. Everyday I’m learning new things from managing my staff to sorting council tax. But to see my name above the door makes it all worth it. I would recommend anyone thinking of starting a business to be 100% sure. It will take over your life.. You will have to work seven days a week to start with but it all gets easier in time.

Before you were able to open your salon, what kind of jobs were you doing?

I’ve done everything work wise to where I am now. I used to work in a children’s play centre organising birthday parties, I helped at a Cub Scout group, I’ve cut grass and dug graves for the council as a summer job when I was home from uni. Worked in a hand full of bars also topman.

So you tried a lot of things before you found your path. What had you studied at school?

I really enjoyed anything creative. I wasn’t really a English or maths person. I would sit drawing for hours. I was told I was lazy at school and didn’t revise enough which wasn’t the case, nothing seemed to stick in my head. It wasn’t until I got to university they did some test and realised how dyslexic I was.

Was there support at school for your dream job?

If I’m honest there wasn’t any support at school. I feel things are a lot different these days when talk into my younger clients.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

I love what I do… But if I have to choose one thing I would say the long hours on my feet!

What makes it so fulfilling?

A happy client leaving the shop feeling a million dollars. Also most of my clients are good friends now. You get to build so much trust with them.

And working with celebs must be exciting.

I really enjoy working with celebrities on photoshoots and music videos. It’s nice to be in control of how they will look that day. But believe me, the days can be very long. It’s nice how they open up and you realise they are just normal people doing a job also. I get to work with some talented people from photographer to stylists and it’s a great way to network.

It must be great when you see your work in print or on the screen.

It’s an amazing feeling. A lot of the time I have to keep quiet about the work I have done until the shoot comes out in the magazine.

What advice would you give to others?

It’s never too late to do what you want to do in life. There will always be good and bad times on the way but always hold your head high and focus towards the goals you want to achieve.

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