Strictly Come Dancing is a ratings smash for many reasons.

For one, we all just adore the glittery costumes that sparkle in the studio lights.

For another, we can’t get enough of those feel good songs that make us want to jump up on our feet and shake out tushes.

And then of course we have the dazzling dance routines that leave us breathless just sitting on our sofas.

But now we realise that there is even more of a reason to tune into the BBC show than we thought!

The dandy dancing dudes with the wash board stomachs.

Yes we know they’ve been entertaining us for a whole now, but just recently they have made a rather big impression on us.

Over the past few weeks, three of the professionals – Gorka, AJ and Giovanni – have brazenly shown off what they’re keeping beneath their sequinned blouses.

And we have to say we are mightily impressed.

Not one to keep these dishy delights to ourselves, we ask of you to take a moment and check out the dazzling display below and tell us which buff bod you like most!

AJ may be the cuter and most innocent looking of the three, but Gorka and Giovanni are most certainly battling it out to win our most rugged floor teaser!

We simply can’t choose one over the other, as they are just so fit.

But please do let us know what YOU think.

NOTE: We’re not including Aljaz yet as we’re still waiting for a delsih shirtless selfie recently (come on fella)


Strictly Ready #TX1 …

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Lovely time in Ibiza/Formentera .. now time to do some work !! Next stop Scotland 😝😝😝 #danceislife

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And for those who love Aljaz as we do but are still waiting for that selfie, check out those abs!

Aladdin (with a ž)!! 🙂

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