Okay, so that picture above isn’t London. But this big ole city isn’t quite hot enough yet for Speedoes – so how else can we get a gawp at the wondrous splendidness of this singing sensation without posting a vintage pic?

But yes, it’s true, Steve Grand is actually here on British soil and so it is with great pleasure that we offer our warm and gooey British welcome to the singer extraordinaire.

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For a long time now, GuysLikeU have thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of this easy-on-the-ear-and-eye US singer.

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And while he has toured much of the world, he has so far not stepped foot in the UK. Outrageous!

Until now, that is. And we couldn’t be more excited.

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Sadly he’s not over here to perform, – instead he’s here to attend this evening’s Attitude magazine’s Bachelor of The Year party – which basically sounds like a fabulous idea of packing a London venue with as much hot gay totty as possible.

Good morning from London! Off to photo shoot, interview, and then #AttitudeBachelors part this eve! @attitudemag

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Just imagine all those perfect faces and muscles rubbing against each other.

It’s enough to cause a foxy fire!

We’re guessing that his attendance means that he is somewhere on the Bachelor’s list – which makes us excited for two reasons.

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One, it means he’s bloody well single. (er, why???)

And two, he’s within in touching distance, if we can actually find his hotel and camp outside it.

Steve Grand

So gays of London. Your task for the day is to keep an eye out for the handsome Yank with the bulging muscles, dandy dimples and handsome face.

If you see him, take a selfie and tweet it looping in @4guyslikeu.

And, Steve. Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to GuysLikeU!