Even before she crowned jungle queen, Scarlett Moffatt was a GuysLikeU favourite.

But it’s hardly a surprise, is it? After all, what’s not to love? She’s funny as fuck, loves a bit of slap and can’t get enough of Drag Race. She’s pretty much every gay man wrapped up in one gorgeous big-eyed sasspot.

Oh Scarlett, please be our mate. We’d have such a laugh!

But its not just her wide-eyed, happy-go-lucky nature and love of life that makes us adore this Geordie beauty so. It’s her impressive taste in fellas too.

Ah yes. Scarlett Moffatt – you are one lucky lady, gurl.

Her barber Luke Crodden is one might fine ginger fox. In fact we’re pea-soup green with envy.

He’s handsome, he’s ginger, sports a corking beard and has a pretty hot bod!

What more could you ask for?

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 07.45.29

The lucky pair have been together since April last year, but took a bit of time out from each other before recently reuniting. They’ve previously both gushed about how they love each other. Sweet, huh? Luke even made an appearance on Gogglebox and had gays around the country smitten as kittens.

Sadly for us, the dashing cutie only has eyes for Scarlett. But we don’t mind, cos our Scar is one of us.

So well done love for landing a fox like Luke. We wish you both all the best!

And Luke, just keep doing what you’re doing, although do please feel free to post one or two more sexy shirt free pics on instagram from time to time and make our day! We’ll be watching.



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Tan time @scarlett_moffatt

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