Wow. As you know, we have been big fans of Richard Hadfield from Collabro from sometime and have teased you for months that he has been busy transforming his already delicious buff bod.

And now he has finally unveiled his hard work.

And believe us when we say it’s been HARD work for us to look at these outrageously sexy pictures.

Richard has spent the past few months working up a sweat in the gym, eating clean and partaking in the odd supplement.

And these are the stunning results. Since June, the handsome singer has dropped from 18st 3lbs to 14st 6lbs.

Just look at that perky chest of his! Swoon!
IMG_3065 (1)“Being free from the band really sparked my weight loss,” he says of his stunning transformation. “I had been unhappy for a long time and comfort ate to escape my misery.

“My weight sky rocketed up to 18st 3lbs and I was clinically obese with 30 per cent body fat. I started being known as the ‘fat one’ in the band. It really hit me hard.


‘I was embarrassed about my weight but I was in a really bad environment professionally and couldn’t stop eating.’

Richard kicked off a healthy eating routine and hit the gym regularly but also tried Forza Supplements’ meal replacement drinks.

IMG_3058 IMG_3060

And his girlfriend Roxy Henley is most certainly the cat who got the cream.

“Roxy loves the new me obviously but she’s not too happy about my chest being hard. She can’t get comfy anymore!”

‘She’s been so helpful in the whole process. Roxy would always be snatching sweets out of my grasp. One time she found my secret stash of chocolate – I never saw that again.’

Well, congrats Richard. You’re looking mighty fine. And Roxy? You’re one lucky bitch!

But wait… In case you think we’re becoming body facists. While we admire Richard’s new bod and all the hard work he put into it, we have to admit he really liked him before.

Though, Rich mate, this grey pants! What are they about?

What do you think? Do you prefer – Richard as he was, or new and perhaps improved Richard?