You’ve got to hand to it to fit greenfingered fox Michael Perry.

Gardening isn’t exactly the sexiest of past times, but by Jiminy, he ain’t half trying too get us interested.


A while back, we revealed that he had launched some Plant Geek undies and posed for them. See them HERE

Now, he has joyously flaunted his own bushy patch in an online video called DIY Underwear Challenge with Mr Plant Geek.


In the saucy clip from a year ago, which we’ve only just come across (so to speak), we see the hirsute hottie take on YouTuber ChrisSaysItAll in a contest to design the most flamboyant pair of smalls.

Armed with a glue stick and some odds and ends, the pair set about designing eye-catching undies and the result – well, they are simply mouthwatering.


While Michael wins the day for having a pansy on his crotch, we give him an extra thumbs up his ‘props’ fall off leaving his, er, garden mound on full display.

But words mean nothing when you can cop an eyeful yourself below.