Hey boys, guess what? Today is World Naked Gardening Day, which means green fingered fellas whip off their togs and celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes. We caught up with friend of GuysLikeU, Michael Perry, to talk about the day and to chit chat about body hair, penis size and more…. 


So Michael, what’s this Naked Gardening Day all about?

The day is about celebrating any shape or size of body, and getting in touch with nature. Oddly, nobody quite knows where the day came from, but I first started celebrating it about six years ago, when I brought together a charity fundraising team called the grubby gardeners. We have raised over £25,000 through various challenges over those years

Have you always been happy with your physique?

I’ve always been fairly happy with my body, of course there are things I’d like to change, but that’s just how it is. I can feel out of shape one day, yet trim and svelte the next, it’s all about your own perception I guess!

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What part of your body do you like most?

Not sure, I think my chest is fairly nice. It is starting to get a little bit soft these days though, need to get in the gym.

What do you like most about a man’s body?

I’m most drawn to torso and arms to be honest with you!

You’re a deliciously hairy blighter? Have you always embraced the fuzz?

When I was younger, I did shave my chest a few times, but it’s too much maintenance, and it actually ends up making you look quite pigeon chested, ironically. I’m far too lazy to keep up any sort of maintenance now! Thankfully, the world is caught up with it all, and you see many more hairy models and such.


Men worry about their willies! Have you ever worried about the size of it?

The strange thing about penis size is that you will go all your life without knowing whether you are in the normal range or not. That’s because the data might not even be correct, because of course we all add an inch on here or there!

You have such sexy swarthy dark looks – are you worried about going bald?

I’m Greek in heritage, and I don’t think I’m going bald too soon. I am starting to get some greys on the side, but I quite like it, I almost want it to accelerate a little bit!

Do you worry about having a hairy back?

I’m quite lazy so I trim a little but I’m low maintenance.


That TOWIE style plucked chests are a bit old hat! Hair is back in fashion – you must be pleased.

We are now seeing models with allsorts of other hairy bits. This is great, it proves that men don’t need to be manicured in the way that we used to see in the 90s.

In your time have you ever been shocked by the size of a fella’s penis. 

I think we are all shocked, and pleased, when we see a member which is a little bit different to what we imagined.


Have you always been conscious about your body?

Yes, especially when I was younger, because your body is changing and you don’t quite want everybody else to see that. Ever since then, I felt more confident though.

Have you ever wanted a six pack?

Yes, but also I realise that I’d like to live my life the way I want to as well. To get a six pack requires extreme discipline, and actually quite a boring existence. Unless you have an amazing metabolism of course

What do you make of muscle gays who post on Instagram – needy?

Ah, I guess everybody has their own reasons for posting stuff. But again, to have a big muscled body takes so much effort, and you have to miss out on so much of life at the same time!