Sexy gardener Michael Perry gets naked and talks about about fuzzy chest hair, muscles and naked photographs!

There’s a lot of things we like to do naked. Have hot steaming baths, enjoy a little hanky hanky panky, even take part in a spot of life modelling.

But gardening? You must be blimmin’ jokin’. Just imagine the damage a pair of secateurs could do if you misjudged the fullness of your bush!

But believe it or not, today is World Naked Gardening Day. Yes, there really is a day for everything, isn’t there? And the best part of it GuysLikeU’s favourite green fingered fella Michael Perry has whipped off his togs to mark it.

To find out more about this ridiculous day, we caught up with the hunky PlantGeek himself and ended up chatting about all manner of stuff.

What the hell is World Naked Gardening Day about? 

I have absolutely no idea where it came from, but from it has grown (pardon the pun) from just a whispering to a full-on event in just a few years. I have been involved in some very cheeky shoots too!

Have you ever sheared your bush in the nuddy?
Only for a photo! It would be far too dangerous. I know there are some that garden nude all the time though…


What would you advise NOT to do in the garden if you were gardening nude?
Everything is kinda hazardous! You’ll need an apron to cover your more delicate parts, at least!!

What was the shoot like – were you body confident around the other guys?
You know what, once your clothes are off, it’s quite easy. Everyone has a body, they are all so different, and you know, the other thing…. they are seldom as big as you think!!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 16.33.40

Jonathan Ward

Were there any embarrassing excitement moments?
Not at all! Everyone always imagines there will be, but when you do a shoot like this, it’s completely functional and not at all arousing or seedy. I think sometimes people imagine a very different scenario!


How disappointing. You seem pretty comfortable to getting your kit off – do you like being naked?
I am okay either way! I am very proud that I’m not shy of my body, I didn’t always feel this way. I was aware that I was perhaps a little less in shape than on previous shoots though, but I have been travelling so much, and burgers are sooooo tasty!


Jonathan Ward

You have a great body, but have you ever been interested / felt pressured to become a rippling muscles.
I simply don’t have the lifestyle to make it happen. I am constantly moving and it’s hard to be strict with diet. Of course, I have dreams of the body I would like, but to maintain that I would have to compromise how I live my life and career. I seem to be doing ok and get a lot of compliments regardless, people seem to like ‘real bodies’ more, hence my feature for Attitude magazine.


You’re a man who embraces chest hair, have you ever considered trimming it off – or should man just let it all just grow?
I always feel annoyed by my chest hair, it’s either too long and fluffy or I then cut it too short and I look chicken-chested. It is nigh on impossible to get it trimmed in between, unless you know a specialist salon??? I always dislike the pattern of it, I would prefer more on the area between by chest and belly. I am too fussy!


You’ve been in America recently – what are you doing there?
I am presenting a range of plants on the HSN gardening programmes, which has meant I have been in Florida since March. It has been a great experience, and allowed me to develop my skills, plus get a nice tan!

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Are you seeing someone?
My partner lives in New York, so my work in the USA this year has made seeing each other that little bit easier. But we are both quite international thanks to our jobs. We have been together for more than one and a half years, and it’s going super well!

Plant Geek

Your T-shirt range is hilarious – have they gone down well?
Yes! It is Rude Botany! I wanted to show people the plant names that are so amusing, yet actually real botanic names! We have Rubus cockburnianus and Philadelphus erectus and lots more. When I wear them in public, I do get some funny looks!!!

To find out more about Michael and his wonderful world of plants, head to and get your hands on his clothing range HERE