We’ve always been rather smitten with the very dashing sportsman and model Matt Lister.

After all, with his toned, hirsute bod and handsome mush, what’s not to love, eh?

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But when we clapped our thirsty peepers on this rather striking image on Instagram, we fell even more in love with him than before.

Probably because we weren’t actually sure what he was wearing – if anything at all.

At first glance we thought he was barring all, with  his legs spread provocatively open as they are.

But on closer crotch inspection, we noticed, we discovered to our slight disappointment the fella is actually wearing wood-patterned pants that blend perfectly with his sun kissed flesh!


Even Matt admits that even he was taken aback when he first saw the pic snapped by uber snapper Greg Endries. In his instagram post, he teased: “GOT WOOD?! Made you look 😂 even I double take at this one. Out on Fire Island way back, shooting with @gregendries, trying desperately to open my eyes whilst staring directly at the sun. Note to self. DON’T LOOK AT THE SUN!”

Like us, his fans were shock with some admitting that they were fooled into thinking he was nude.

One called Mcordish said: “It was a triple take for me 🤤🤤”

Another called Ant_JLover4eva added: “I had to re-look a few times lol”

Meanwhile, a satisfied fan called Pagoda71 gushed: “Wow! My eyes bugged out”

Of course, far from shy Matt has bared all once before – but only flashing us ravenous folk a back view.