We find out a little bit more about the gay guys of Instagram….

Instagram is practically swamped with steamy pictures of gorgeous guys who are only too happy to show off their well sculpted bods.

But what do we know about the fellas who so kindly share their prized pics? Not much as it goes, so we decided it might be a good idea to get to know more about the guys of Instagram! 

Here, meet the very dashing Clapham-based admin team manager Luke Gregory, 27, who reveals that his perfect body is the result of a lot of hard work…..

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You’re not shy on instagram – does that mean you’re a super confident kinda guy? 

Funnily enough, no. Most people see my pics and think ‘arrogant, narcissistic, full of himself’, but it’s not the case. The gay scene can be very shallow and judgemental, so it’s almost a way of trying to boost my confidence and the attention is a bit like reassurance.

How many Instagram followers have you 

Almost 70,000.

Wow, that’s amazing. Why did you start posting pics?  

To show people what I’m up to.

You don’t like wearing many clothes! Why do you like showing off your bod?  

I spend six days a week in the gym and have a strict diet that I stick to religiously. All my life I’ve been skinny, underweight and petite, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come and what I’ve managed to achieve.

How many times do you have to take a picture because you are happy with it and post it?  

There’s probably about 30 bad selfies in my camera roll to every decent selfie I post. It’s all about good lighting, good angles, and a good filter!

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What messages do your followers send – are they naughty?  

The majority of them are actually pretty well-behaved! Of course I get the odd dick pic which can be awkward when I’m sat opening it on the bus.

Which part of your body do you like the most and why?  

I’ve been told I have a nice bum! But I don’t see it very often so I’d probably say my arms. I work the hardest on them in the gym!

Do your bosses mind about the photos on Instagram ?  

Thankfully they don’t follow me! I’d be mortified if they saw my semi-naked pics. In fact, I’m not fully out as gay at work so it’d probably come as a bit of a surprise seeing me dancing around a gay club with my top off!

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When did you realise you were gay? 

I’ve known for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing with my sister’s Barbies and Polly Pockets, and surrounded myself with girls at school. I hated football and loved to sing and dance – typical stereotype really!

How long did you keep it to yourself? 

I came out when I was 19 – I actually got outed by a gay guy I went to school with. He found me on Gaydar, printed it off and showed all my friends!

What was your first gay experience? 

My first gay experience was when I was 17. I was still in the closet, and went on a road trip to Brighton with my two straight mates. After a night out in one of the straight clubs, we went back to the hotel with a couple of girls and carried on drinking. They both ended up getting it on with these girls, so I made up an excuse that I was going to find a shop for some water. Really, I was on a mission to find the gay bars. After walking on my own for about half hour I came across Revenge, snuck in and the rest is history!

Did you have girlfriends?

Yeah, funnily enough my ex girlfriend always used to wind me up and call me gay. She’d call me her gay best friend. Eight years later I’m a raging homo and she is actually my best friend!

Was it something you were worried about? Did you go thru the period of not wanting to be gay? 

I think most kids do. It’s not considered ‘normal’ is it among children – especially not as much 10 years ago. I used to cry myself to sleep and imagine moving to Australia where I could live a life where nobody knew me and be openly gay.

Who were your gay role models? 

I didn’t really have any. I wasn’t exposed to anybody or anything gay until my late teens. Although I did used to watch Queer as Folk in my room when my parents had gone to bed. I used to really fancy the older guy with the black curly hair!

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Who was the person you were most worried to tell? 

My dad! He’s a very masculine, sporty, lad’s lad. When we used to watch TV, he’d always ‘tut’ and shake his head at people like Graham Norton and Alan Carr. It was the worse when two guys would kiss, I’d literally want to crawl into a hole and die!

Who was the first person you told? 

My best girl mate Ellie. We spent a lot of time together and when I eventually met my first boyfriend I was still in the closet at the time so I’d travel to his a lot for weekends and lie to everybody that I was seeing friends. Then when me and Ellie were drunk one night, I was on the phone to him and she was like ‘who’s that?’ And drunkenly I replied ‘my boyfriend’. She laughed and said she knew and they ended up chatting on the phone for 10 minutes!

What were the reactions? 

Everybody was lovely about it – my dad took it the worst. He went away for a couple of days, came home and we just hugged it out, had a little cry, and since then I’ve had an even better relationship with him.

Did anyone say anything or did they just slowly disappear 

No luckily I had a lot of accepting, understanding people around me.

Did you throw yourself into the scene. Was it as you expected? 

After I broke up with my first boyfriend yes. It was a messy break up so I was going out a LOT. I enjoyed the attention – I was a fresh piece of meat! It was amazing going out on nights out where I could just be myself.

Do you like the gay scene or are you bored of it? 

I don’t go out as much anymore, but I still love it. Where else could you get into a club in a snapback and your top off?! Anything goes and I think that’s really nice. Everybody can be themselves.

Did you have any terrible experiences? 

When I first came out, I was at a gay night and my drink got spiked. Luckily nothing serious happened, but I was spewing up so much I burst a blood vessel in my eye and looked like the walking dead for a week.

Have you had your heart broken? 

Once. My first ever boyfriend I was infatuated with. We only dated for a few months but it was very intense and it was the first serious relationship I’d ever really been in. He cheated on me and then dumped me so yeah, I was pretty devastated! It took me nearly 2 years to get over it! These days I’m slightly more cold hearted and less emotional!

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Have you ever fallen for someone and they’ve not been into you?

Once or twice. It happens. When you spend a lot of time with someone that you really get on with it can either go one way or the other. Dating is a risky business – I don’t like feeling vulnerable and letting my guard down easily through fear of being rejected. But if you don’t put yourself out there you’ll never find anybody, and if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. ver find anyboyd

How do you normally meet guys – apps or thru friends? 

Usually through friends. My mates are always trying to set me up with people! Saying that, facebook is like the new Grindr. It’s probably the most easiest way to get to know someone – and you can look through years of tagged photos before you actually meet them (which isn’t always a good idea)!

Have you always been wary about safe sex?

From the age of about 19 – 23 I wasn’t aware of it at all really.  I had a lot of unprotected sex, especially when I first came out. Like a lot of young gay men, I was completely naiive to it and was unaware of the risks and the rates of HIV among the gay community.  I was very lucky that I didn’t catch anything.  These days I won’t have sex with someone unless it’s safe, or if I’m in a trusting relationship. It really isn’t worth the risk.

You’re a handsome guy – when you were younger were you ever insecure about your looks?

When I was younger, no (and you should see some of my TBT pics, shocking!). I was way more care-free. I think there’s a lot more pressure on guys these days to look a certain way – especially on the gay scene.

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Do you take a lot of time to work out? 

I try to train Monday – Saturday for an hour and a half a day.

Are you conscious about the way you look? 

Yeah, always. Going to the gym isn’t just about getting muscly and fit, it’s about feeling confident in yourself. I always strive for perfection in everything I do, so I’ll never be happy with the way I look as perfection doesn’t exist (apart from in the form of Zac Efron).

What body part do you think other men like in you? 

Easy… my bubble butt. I’m always complimented on it. I even get girls slapping it on nights out!

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How vain are you? 

On a scale of 1-10, probably 9. I like to look the best I can.

Do you wax / shave chest / or embrace chest hair? 

I love chest hair on a guy. I’m not really into the whole shaved chest thing. There’s nothing worse than cuddling someone and being scratched to bits by their prickly pecs! I trim mine with beard clippers!


What do you find attractive in a man’s body? 

I like a big chest and big arms. I’m a bit of a hair guy as well, so if a guy has good hair I’m likely to take a second glance.

Do you believe in types? 

Not really, all my ex boyfriends look completely different! In my head I do, when I watch porn I do, but when it comes to it I like a charming guy that can make me laugh.

Do you feel a pressure as a gay man to fit a certain category? 

Absolutely. It’s sad but there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way. Also, all of my friends go to the gym, work out and preen, so I’d feel like the odd one out if I didn’t!

How do you identify yourself? 

Raging homosexual!

Have you ever worried about the size of your manhood? 

I’ve never had any complaints!

Boxers, briefs or nothing and why? 

Always briefs. Much sexier. Apart from bedtime, I always sleep commando.