How great is Love Island at the moment? We can’t get enough if it. And not just because it’s packed with studly spunks. We actually love the gals in the villa too.


We so wanna be best mates with Camilla and Montanna, they are so cool and we just know that they would be great to hang out with. And then there’s Gabby and Marcel and Liv and Chris too. And hey we really believe in Cem and Amber. Oh, who are we kidding, we love ’em all. Except maybe that creepy Craig. Oh no, creepy Craig is not for us, so thank God he’s gone.

And in tonight’s episode, to add icing to the already very tasty cake, a new villa mate arrived called Jamie Jewitt. He’s an actor / model who you may know from the flop reality show Taking New York.

Not only is he gorgeous, the Essex born model has his sights set on Camilla, so we’re hoping a gorgeous relationship blossoms.

And we reckon he’ll be a lot less creepy than evicted Craig.

“I’m happy go lucky and up for a good time,” he says. “I’m at a different stage in my life now. I like that Marcel is very much the thinker of the group and the wise man and I tend to think I’m rational like that.”

So a thinker. Just what we like – a handsome fella with a brain. Unbelievably, Jamie says he’s been single for ages

Leon Csernohlavek

I’m not really much of a dater, I’ve spent a long time single, just having fun,” he says. “I lived in New York for 10 years and was single for most of it. I split up with my ex about 6 months ago, we were together a year and a half. I’ve just took some time to go out, do my bit and learn a bit about myself before settling down.

Meanwhile GuysLikeU’s editor Christian Guiltenane chatted to Jamie a while back, and discovered that the beefy lovely didn’t always have the buff physique he has today.


“I have to admit that my weight gain during my teens was mainly puppy fat,” he explained. “I didn’t really realise that I was getting heavier as I was more focused on MySpace and the ladies to be worried about weight. I was lucky because I could carry the weight well, it wasn’t obvious to my mate at school, so I wasn’t bullied about it. Of course, I’d get the odd joke about my sweet tooth and my love of a burger but losing weight was a decision I had to make for myself.”

Eventually Jamie decided he had to do something about his weight and drastically changed his lifestyle.

“I lost weight within a year,” he revealed. “It took a strict diet and changing my mindset around health. My confidence grew with age – I think when you get older, you get to know yourself better and understand who you are as a person. Now I am comfortable in my own skin.  Now I got to he gym three times a week. If I don’t make it to he gym then I’ll run. I started to treat my body with respect, so that it can keep up with me when i need it to be on top form.”

Well, we think Jamie looks great and can’t wait to see him try his luck with Camilla!