Although GuysLikeU was conceived to help out young gays trying to navigate their ways through life (which we do rather well, thank you very much), we also like to satisfy readers’ thirsts from time to time.

Yes, we know these days it’s deemed inappropriate to fantasise about boys with buff bods (for God’s sake, when did it actually become a crime to fancy people because they look good????) but we don’t care! Yes, we are proudly GUILTY of posting the occasional thirst pic for your pleasure. So sue us!

But for those who like bit of Wednesday afternoon titilation, we’re sure you’ll be happy be get giddy over one particular lovely. Regular GLU readers will remember this gorgeous fella, Mike Wring. He was the towering 6ft7 hunk we spotted trailing behind TV’s Andi Peters on Good Morning Britain almost two years ago. He was on the show because had had been one of ITV’s competition winners who scooped a huge cash prize. The lucky rascal!

We then tracked the fella down we discovered that behind the handsome, hulking exterior was a man with a lot of baggage.

In a heartfelt series of interviews Mike told us how he had been cruelly bullied at school and had suffered years of body image and mental health issues which he had thankfully overcome.

He also revealed that even though he is now in control of his body image, there is always a danger that his body dysmorphia could return. Luckily, he’s in a fabulous place and long may he be!

Of course, as he’s drop dead gorgeous, we’ve been keeping an eye on the chap ever since and we are pleased to say that life is better for him than ever.

In fact over the past year, Mike has started to fulfil his dream of becoming an actor and has appeared in small roles in shows such as Doctor Who, Spanish Princess, Industry and Gangs of London.

He also tells us that he has even more exciting projects lined up which he can’t tell us about just yet!

Anyway, enough guff from us… feast your eyes on this gorgeous gentle giant and check out this newest pic of him showing off what God very kindly gave him! (With a bit of extra work!)