He was the hot guy in Russell T Davies’ Banana, but now sexy Dino Fetscher is heading back to our screens in a new gritty drama!

Tonight ITV launches a gritty conspiracy thriller called Paranoid which, they promise, will have us all totally hooked. Not just because it tells the tantalising story of a female GP who is murdered in a children’s playground, but because it stars a gorgeous up-and-coming young actor who will win your heart!

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The eight part drama stars gorgeous Dino Fetscher who plays Alec Wayfield, one of a group of detectives who embark on what seems to be a straightforward murder investigation.

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You may remember the dashing and towering Welsh actor from Channel 4’s gay drama Banana back in 2015, but Paranoid is the show that will no doubt make Dino the star he deserves to be.

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To honour of the talented young actor, here in his own words, we present you with 15 very important things you need to know about Dino Fetscher!
  1. I come from sunny Wales – Cardiff to be precise. I’m the son of a German mum and a half welsh half basque dad.
  2. I’m a ‘glass is half full’ kind of guy. I’m pretty relaxed and low maintenance.
  3. I got into acting because I love stories I was also obsessed with the film Hocus Pocus when iI was in year three. I  knew every spell word for word.I even got up after register in the reading corner and demonstrated how to turn Courtney Hamilton into a cat.
  4. As a kid my biggest inspiration was Roald Dahl. I just love his stories. How intricate, hilarious ad dark they are.
  5. Acting wise I used to want to be Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing because he was so cool and mysterious. Now I have a plethora of inspirations like Ian McKellan, Lena Dunham and Emma Thompson, who I am in love with.
  6. My dream role would be to play Mercurio or Iago. But I’d love to be an X Man! Basically any role that means I get to have superpowers.
  7. I’d love to have been in 28 Days Later or Nighty Night or anything with Julia Davis in it.
  8. I spent my teens growing up in an 800 year old pub that was supposedly haunted. I love horror films – three of my favourites are The Strangers, REC, and Silence Of The Lambs.
  9. I played Aiden in Banana. He was a bit of lone wolf, very charming, confident and shallow. In the episode, we see him out in Manchester and eventually into an awkward threesome. It’s very funny, but also quite sad.
  10. I’m gay. I think the general perception of fear amongst actors – even now – is that if you are openly gay then your career options are limited. I feel a great responsibility to be honest about myself and have the courage and to stand up and be who I am, to hopefully change things even more. If that means I miss out o certain roles then so be it. I believe choosing to conceal an elect of your life like that send out such a negative message – there are people killing themselves over this.
  11. I was a late bloomer. I was not popular at school. As I said, I used to react spells from Hocus Pocus. That doesn’t scream ‘cool’.
  12. My ideal night would be me and my mates having a lush dinner and then going to a few bars or watching The X Factor and red wine.
  13. Zac Efron has a really good body and every time I see Dan Osborne I feel shit about myself.
  14. I always get ht on by women way more than guys. Girls tend to seek me out.
  15. I would love to work in America. That’s where I have my sight set. I would love a lead in a new shiny series on HBO and perhaps a few movie deals. Give it time. I  am so impatient but lucky I am kept busy. This industry is funny; you have to wait for the right things to come along. The jobs I take are considered.

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See a trailer for Paranoid HERE