The coming out experience is different for all of us. For some, it’s just a case of letting it slip out and nothing more is said. For others, it is a lot more difficult. Here, hair colourist Corey Watts shares his story. 

So Corey, when did you start to realise you were gay?

I think I was probably around 12 or 13 when I realised I looked at boys differently to girls and that it was a definite preference. But my first proper experience with a guy was at 16.

Was coming out easy for you? How u did it 

I was lucky, I had an extremely time! My parents made it so easy. My mum asked me one day if I was gay, just as casually as you’d ask someone if they fancied a cup of tea. And so I told her and she asked why I hadn’t thought to mention it already. My whole family are very accepting and I could not have asked for better!

Were you able to be open at school?

I didn’t come out until I left school. I think that was mainly down to not being sure of what I really wanted or how I really felt at that time. I think I just came into myself a lot more after leaving school and felt like I knew myself enough to be open about who I was and what I wanted.

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