Gorgeous TV hunk Charlie King has teamed up with Childline to talk about coming to terms with his sexuality.

In an emotional clip, in which he debuts a new sexy crop, he opens up about how lonely and isolated he felt when he was trying to work out what he wanted from life. “I had been umming and aahing for six months prior to to coming out, I always felt like I didn’t fit in, I didn’t feel like a lad’s lad, but at the same time I had gay friends and I felt different to them. I felt a bit on omy own. But as I was getting older,  I needed to explore who I was because I was feeling quite lonely.”

He added: “What helped me identify with being gay was that I put myself out of the comfort zone. I needed to start getting out and about a bit. When I was offered to go out with friends I’d taken them up on the offer. I went to a party and met a friend who is a gay guy – all of a sudden something clicked. I was around someone I connected with. I had got into an environment where I felt comfortable belonged.”

To hear more about how Charlie found himself, check out the full video here: