Okay, so this Boxing Day has been a pretty sad one in the wake of George Micheal’s death!

So what better way is there to cheer ourselves up than to feast out peepers on some shock hot bods of pop hunks we never expected to look as buff as they do.

So here for your delectation are two of the fitties from the always very polished swing combo, The Overtones.


First up is the insanely handsome Mark Franks, the swarthy beefcake with the chiselled jaw and brooding dark looks.

Since GuysLikeU SPOKE TO HIM a year ago, the Manchester lad has transformed his already pretty fit physique into this pant-bulging triumph…

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 14.39.42

“When I first moved to London fifteen years ago I remember buying 28″ waist jeans from Topman,” he told us a the time. “I was working as a dancer, doing lots of cardio so I guess I was pretty lanky. Toned… But lanky.

“I started shaping up because my friend had started going to a personal trainer and I could see that he was definitely getting the results he wanted. I, on the other hand, was still up to my old tricks. Handing over money every month to a gym I never went too. So I quit the gym and started having PT sessions.

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 14.38.47

“Five years later and I’m still going to the same PT. I try and go to him two to three times a week and have recently joined my local leisure centre so I can try and fit in some extra sessions. Three days a week with the PT is a full body workout, so anything else is just a Brucey Bonus.

He added: “Food wise, I try and avoid any white carbs. Rice, bread, potatoes. And, even with my sweet tooth, try and resist snacking on ‘treats’. Chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc. On Sunday’s I allow myself a cheat day. As I’m most probably hungover this usually takes the form of a Five Guys or the cheesiest pizza I can find!”



Meanwhile his bandmate Darren Everest has been hiding a rather impressive physique.


Like Mark, this foxy fella has been HARD at it in the gym to achieve some astonishing results.

“I’m in the gym five days a week,” he’s said. “It’s become a way of life now. I train hard and eat healthily during the week, relaxing at weekends and eating what I want, with a glass of wine. It’s important  to have release and a balance.”




Check out the boys singing Wham!’s classic Last Christmas here: