Leonardo Guerrero is a 30 year old dentist who grew up in Venezuela. Two years ago he moved to Ireland to learn English, fell in love with Dublin and decided to stay put. Here, he tells GuysLikeU about his body and grooming regime and what he looks for in a guy!

How would you describe yourself?

I consider myself a pretty ordinary guy … I’m not that tall, around 5’5 (1.70m) and weigh 12stone (80kg). I define myself as ‘chubby’ but I would like someday to be a real bear.

What body part do you think other men like about you?

Some guys are struck by my eyes, the general way I look (beard, hairy chest, stocky),  and my ass … Probably because most Latin guys have that look!

How vain are you?

I am a very simple man. I try to stay in shape as best I can. I don’t think it’s vain to take the odd selfie. It’s how I look like when I’m going out on the street lol.


Do you wax or shave your chest?

I don’t like it when guys shave their body. I’m 100 a natural. Luckily these days many guys like a man with chest hair, so I keep it

What do you find attractive in a man’s body?

When I look at a guy, the first thing I notice is his smile. Especially with me being a dentist I can not separate that from what attracts me in a  man. I also like hands and strong arms, and when you feel that strong hug, it gives me much pleasure.

What have your experiences been with guys?

I’ve been through some great experiences, and some less so, but I still believe there are guys out there willing to spend more than one night with you. I think people should just be honest and not hurt people, whether it’s fun hook up or something serious.

Do you feel a pressure as a gay man to fit a certain category?

In Venezuela there is more pressure on the Latin male, and it’s not as accepted to be gay. I feel more Europe is more relaxed here and there is more acceptance for people to live their lives they want to.

How do you identify yourself?

I identify myself as a fighter, a warrior, but with such a big heart. I love hugs and I love to give big hugs. You never know who may need it.

Have you ever worried about the size of your manhood?

Size matters but it is not everything – what’s important is how to use it.

What kind of underwear do you prefer – boxers, briefs or nothing?

During the day I feel comfortable in boxers. At bedtime, I take it all off. I just can not sleep if I have clothes on. I get too hot.


What grooming products can you not live without?

Definitely oils and tonics for my beard and hair. I love very masculine and fresh fragrances which make me feel relaxed. Guys love it, especially guys from the Middle East!