Once upon a time, having a sex tape would ruin someone’s career. But since Kim K burst into our lives off the back of one, it seems that selling raunchy pics and video clips online has never been more popular. And it’s not just sex workers who are indulging in a bit of cam play. So too are your mates at work, whether they are gay, straight or whatever. And why? Because on sites like OnlyFans, they can make a fortune from having guys and gals watching them get jiggy.

But why are more and more people feeling comfortable to strip off for your pleasure? How does this effect their family and work life? We hooked up with former Big Brother hunk Arron Lowe to find out what inspired him to start producing naughty material online for an audience of primarily gay men. In this frank and revealing interview, the businessman and former model explains why he does it, what kind of people subscribe and what his girlfriend – yes girlfriend! – thinks about his on camera shenanigans.

So Arron, what exactly are you getting up to on OnlyFans?

In short, I cater to my Arronators – my subscribers – with daily X-rated, raunchy photos and video clips. My Arronators are a cock-thirsty, yet very complimentary and respectful group of people, mainly gay men, but some females.

What kind of material are you posting?

I post a lot of full-frontal content and do regular polls where my Arronators vote for content preferences/ideas and I always welcome recommendations. If they want it they ask and I almost always deliver. There’s always requests for incredibly risqué content, but unless they have a large bank account they won’t get it on my main page.

So if someone is willing to pay, you will do pretty much anything?

For those with more spare cash, there’s no limit to the content, I’m completely secure in my skin and everything has its price, and my price is high.

How X-rated do you go?

Anyone who subscribes to my OnlyFans gets access to almost daily uploads.I post five to ten exclusive naked photos and one or two short sexy videos per week. These are things people have requested in the comments or things I want to share. They also get my time. I’m always engaging with my Arronators via direct messages because they are committed to me and spend money, so I always take the time to reply to every message and comment. I go all out on OnlyFans. I show everything a solo guy can in a photo and taking photos/videos is great fun.

As it’s business, how do you stop people from sharing your content?

I copyright everything and there are rules people must respect. I had a video leaked before, but it was removed from the website within 24 hours after a Cease and Desist legal letter was sent, and I’ve had popular Tumbler pages/websites deleted because they were selling my content and disrespecting me.

Do these leaks harm your revenue?

One particular leak cost me time and money to rectify and it took away from my amazing loyal Arronators, because the stress of my private content being on a public domain, where my family could accidentally stumble across it, almost made me quit posting all together. However I managed to get it removed in the end and decided to continue.

What inspired you to set up an OnlyFans page in the first?

It was actually my fiancée’s idea. We discussed my Instagram where I post photos showing a little bit of skin and get nothing more than compliments, but there’s no financial gain from Instagram, so we decided to start an OnlyFans page instead. There I could post exclusive content, earn money and keep fans happy and give them more attention. It soon became apparent to both of us that I was in-demand and it was a very profitable business that would become a real business. Imagine your willy being your main source of income, the way things are going, mine is heading in that direction.

Your fiancée CJ films the clips which are being lapped up by gay guys – is that a little weird?

No, I am bisexual, and have been all my life, although I have only told my girlfriend and my sister when she came out to me. Me and CJ are very open and honest with each other, we have a very unique relationship and I would consider what we have to be one in a billion. She is a very liberal, open-minded woman and is flattered that other people find me attractive. She still has plenty of trust issues though, she’d be stupid if she didn’t. I think everyone has insecurities in relationships if they truly love their partner.

And you’re faithful?

I believe humans are not built to be monogamous and this is why cheating is rife. Couples don’t make the effort required to prevent it and they don’t know how to be truly honest with each other out of fear for rejection. But I understand and respect that, so I make even more of an effort in my relationship. We work as a team and do everything together, we only check our social media and my Only Fans when we are side by side. We have passwords to each other’s emails, social media, phones and so on. This is the way it’s been for six years and it works for us, there are no secrets. In fact, we have treated ourselves to some couples fun- our options are endless If you like boys and girls you can enjoy everyone in between.

Who exactly are your followers? 

My OnlyFans fanbase is predominantly gay and bisexual men. I do have female fans but they don’t spend as much money as men. I guess that’s because men are ruled by their willies and are more visual creatures than women. My Instagram followers is a balance mix of gay men, women and all of the incredible people in between (LGBT+).

How do they interact – do they ask you to do kinky things? 

Some are shy and don’t want to offend me, some don’t know how to ask for risqué content and some are bold as brass and know exactly what they want. Luckily I’m Gemini and like a chameleon who changes it colour to fit it’s environment, I change to meet the needs of everyone and fulfil their individual fantasy. Nothing shocks or offends me, everyone is different and has different tastes, fetishes and fantasies.

People might ask what the difference is between doing this and porn?

It’s like the grey area between porn and reality, I’ve only ever done solo content – I don’t have sex with others on camera. There’s limits based on the individual subscribers budget. My OnlyFans content is far more exclusive than a commercial porn film and some of my content is customised, made for just one subscriber. I don’t see what I do as porn, I see it as creating something more tailored and exploring new things with my Arronators.  Most adults enjoy sex, and we are all naked underneath our clothes, so I don’t understand why some people frown upon nudity and sexual content…

Is the difference that you are in control of what is seen?

Yes, you are in control and I guess that makes it something different, it’s like creating YouTube content, we all have something different to offer and our own audience, we have the same platform and upload button, but we do what we want and if someone enjoys it and is willing to support you for their pleasure, then that’s fantastic, it allows people to be their own boss and promote things their way.

Is there a lot of money to be made from these pages? 

Yes, the money can be amazing, if you work hard, be consistent and build a loyal relationship with your audience. Some people even buy me expensive gifts from my wish list and in return I post a photo of me sporting the item. So if it’s a pair of Versace briefs or an expensive watch, you are likely to see me fully nude balancing the item on my willy.

A lot of other reality stars are doing OnlyFans? Is there competition?

There are plenty of reality TV stars doing it – in fact, most of them are making extra on OnlyFans because reality TV doesn’t pay much these days and it’s hard to go back in to a normal job after doing TV. So these people can live comfortably without leaving their home and having the embarrassment of going back in to being a bricklayer. If done right, with the audience they gained from time on TV they can earn way more money than a regular nine to five job.

What does your family think about this?

My family know me, they know I’m an open, liberal person that loves being naked. They don’t judge and if it’s making me money, not harming anyone and my naked photos aren’t shoved in their faces on public domains, then they are supportive. I’m my own person, but I try to do things in a respectful way so as not to embarrass my family.

You used to be a model and said that going on Big Brother ruined your modelling. Does this work hamper your career now or is that no longer an issue?

Going on Big Brother destroyed my modelling career. Fact! I’ve never been able to come back like I wanted to. I’ve done a few bits here and there because modelling is my passion, but it will most likely never be what it was. I’m older now and have opted to be a business man and Only Fans doesn’t affect my other work. I do OnlyFans because it is easy money and I get a kick out of it. I’m an exhibitionist! My advice to anyone who does reality TV, you are only famous while you’re on TV. It’s short lived, your new ‘friends’ will soon forget about you in a few months after the hype dies down. I wish I started OnlyFans in 2012 when I had my largest following, I probably would have made over £500,000 that year if I had today’s brain.)

Gemma Collins told The Sun a while back that she’d sell a sex tape for 1million pounds – are celebs taking control?

Good for Gemma Collins! I don’t think she would sell it for a million, but she could still sell it for a decent price, with a good contract in place and continue to make money from it for years and eventually get the 1 million she wants. Celebs are changing because of social media, OnlyFans and YouTube. I see it everyday at Intrigue Mangement, the talent agency I co-own, we have power with numbers and your followers are amazingly loyal. If Gemma wants to talk about getting the best deal for her video, come talk to me girl, I’ve got your back.

Has anyone judged you about what you do 

Not to my face. Some people have made comments, but I’m not worried and negativity is the minority. The opinion of people who don’t know me doesn’t affect me anyway, their opinions are known of my business! As long as my family and fiancee are supportive of my choices, I’m happy.)

Have you had any odd subscribers?

I’ve got quite a few crazies, but they’re fun ones and I am pleased I can bring a smile to their face. I have a few subscribers who are on big monthly retainers who ask me to make custom videos for them, which can include popping balloons naked with my arse cheeks, licking my own toes to slaves that worship me, take away my rubbish bags and kneel at my door posting cash and gifts through my letterbox while I insult and laugh at them behind the closed door.  The most unexpected subscribers though are the well-known celebrities, models, journalists, and TV bosses. I would never leak their names because it’s a special place where everyone deserves respect, confidentiality and anonymity, but I have well-known people from the entertainment industry, current big TV shows and newspapers and they all seem to love seeing me naked!
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