Gorgeous TV presenter Andy West has revealed that since splitting from his fiance Ed Hutton earlier this month, he has found warmth and comfort in the arms of another.

And you’ll never guess who it is? A certain Mr Bear!

No, don’t be silly. Not that irritating numbskull winner of Celebrity Big Brother Stephen Bear. Mr West is of course talking about his lifelong companion, Teddy Bear.

In his latest column for Entertainment Daily, the handsome TV star write:

Some of you may know I recently split from my fiancé who i got engaged to in the Big Brother house. I mean, please know this, because if one more well wisher comes up in public and offers me congratulations on the wedding I may have a Britney moment. I’ve already bought the umbrella.

But one man has been with me through it all and will be by my side every night until the day I depart. My teddy bear. He was, for a long time, an embarrassing secret.

Meet my bear. On the shelf….like me!!

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But as I’ve grown older I’ve come to realise that, like self-pleasure, having a childhood teddy bear as an adult is actually pretty normal. To the point where I actually think it’s strange when people tell me they don’t have any comfort blanket or bear from childhood. It’s not a soppy thing.

The day I met bear 🐻 #CBBBear #BBUK #CBBUK #Family #Love

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I find that my teddy somehow gets me through tough times. When I ask him what to do, he kind of… focuses my mind and brings out the right answer, where friends and family are complicated and conflicted in their advice.

Somehow, psychologically, talking to something with fluff for brains really helps. It must be like being mates with Joey Essex.

Meanwhile, the lonely 30something has been trying to keep his spirits up by posting this super cute video highlighting exactly what it’s like for a boyf-less lad to look after himself in the kitchen?

Do you relate to his cooking woes? Have you got a teddy bear that has been a bit part of your life? Send us your pics???? hello@GuysLikeU.com