Andy West posts naked snap as he gets back on the relationship bike following his split from fiance Ed

When you come out of a long relationship, it’s always tough to get back on that bike. So what’s a handsome 30something guy to do? Well, give himself a spring clean and start looking after himself.

And TV presenter Andy West is doing just that. Just weeks after his engagement to Ed Hutton ended amid cheating confessions following his appearance in Big Brother, Andy has been busy posting updates on his social media of him getting his life back on track.

Not only has he moved out of the Bermondsey home he shared with his fiance, he has started to pamper himself with face treatments, luxurious shower gels (as you can see rather saucily below) and has even started hitting the gym in an attempt to gain some muscle.

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In another post on Instagram, Andy has also given us a rather intimate tour around his new bedroom and reveals that although sleeping is mostly what goes on there, he can also be found tucked up in bed with a queen. Well, actually a book about Queen Elizabeth I, who he says he is obsessed with.

But when the dandy chap is not lying on his bed listening to the latest Britney album or swiping left or right on Tinder, he can be found demonstrating a rather impressive talent – the ability to whip his hair into an immaculate quiff in super record time. Check out the clip below and be prepared to be amazed. We were….