CBB may have been off our screens for over a week but we simply can’t get Andrew Brady out of our head.

Handsome, funny, opinionated and refreshingly open minded, he won our hearts by being just him. And what more could you ask, eh?


But in spite of CBB no longer on the telly, the nice, considerate guy has been busy posting some saucy pics that have left us a little hot under the collar. And, indeed, belt.

In one delicious pic, the cheeky lad bares all and flashes his tight tush.

Sunday Bumday 👀…

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In another flesh flashing snap, he is little more bashful and shyly shields his nipples from view – the spoilsport.



Keep it classy 👐

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But if, like us, you are missing Andrew’s face, you can catch him in the flesh at GAY later this week, when he will be hosting Porn Idol. Dressed, it’s rumoured, as Betty Swallocks! A sight to behold, you’ll agree.


Of course, in our heart of hearts, we still have hope that one day Andrew may fall in love with Courtney, but sadly it looks unlikely. Even Shane [Courtney] appears to have come to terms with the fact that they will never be more than great friends.


“It’s not an unrequited relationship, I’ve been in relationships with straight guys – well friends who I’ve been in love with and they haven’t loved me back that way, and it was damaging to my own psyche,” Shane has said.

“I’ve come through the other side and understand that dynamic now… I understand that he’s very handsome and wonderful we have this friendship that was forged in the peculiar environment and we just get on so well.”


“I don’t think my love is unrequited with Andrew, I think we both feel the same way about each other but he’s just not attracted to male bodied people.”