BJ Gruber, the handsome star of that supercute Manhunt web series has bulked up and is hotter than ever. So we got in touch with him to find out how he did it and what he’s up to next!

A few months back we introduced you guys to a cute up-and-coming actor called BJ Gruber. You remember him, the foxy fella who played the guy who falls for his ‘daddy’ next door neighbour in that supercute Manhunt webseries?


This week, we were stunned when we clapped our peepers on a pic of the handsome fella on Instagram, flaunting a bigger and beefier body than before. A touch thirsty, we got in touch with him to see exactly how he did it. 

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Your body is insane! How long has it taken you to get it in the shape it is right now?

My whole life, ha!

It’s such an impressive physique – why did you want to get bigger?

I didn’t want to get bigger. It was a by product of the tools I have available at the moment. I normally enjoy doing more HIIT (High-intensity interval training). Unfortunately, I don’t have space for it on the Disney ship I’m working on.

Tell us about how you achieved the new look. What were you eating and what are you doing at the gym? 

I eat vegetables, lean meats, clean carbs, not too much beige, probably too much coffee. No sugar. Milk, please. Not many sweets. But then I don’t deprive myself if I get a craving, though.

When you were young were you naturally athletic?

Not terribly. I didn’t start getting in shape until I was 19. But I played many sports when I was younger. Baseball, hockey, football. Dance class.

Who was your body crush when u were younger?

I didn’t really have one. I knew what I wanted mine to look like and what I wanted mine to be able to do, but the primary focus has always been functionality.

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Did you ever feel pressure to look a certain way, especially as an actor? Do you think you’d get less work if you were less toned?

To be honest, I do believe I’d work less if I was less toned. Or it’d be different work at least. Proportion plays a role as well. Because I am now bigger than the dancers on stage, I can only play certain roles.

Is there ever a danger of getting too big?

Yes! I’d have to buy all new clothes again.

Do you feel young guys are obsessed with the body beautiful? Why do you think that is?

Yes. I think it’s misguided and most people are plagued with dysmorphia but unsure how to do anything about it. Magazines are photoshopped. The media is misleading. Achieving fitness goals doesn’t come in a bottle. You have to work hard and eat for it on days when you are already tired or craving that cheeseburger. But you still have to plough through it. There’s a website called which is a great resource for fitness information.

Straight guys are just as happy to pose in underpants on Instagram these days. What are they trying to achieve?

Well, I’m trying to trick people into viewing the content that I enjoy collaborating in and creating. I believe it is aesthetic for art’s sake. Not the other way around.


What have you been up to since we last spoke to you?

Well, I’ve been working for Disney. I am a main stage performer/dancer/aerialist. But I have feature film in the works for this fall, which I am very excited about.

Will we ever see a sequel to that Manhunt advert?

Yessir! Jim and I are filming another season this fall. So it should be on the web at the end of 2016.

That’s great news, we can’t wait. You also starred in the brilliant web series The Queens ProjectWill there be more of that?

The good news is we are indeed making another season as soon as I get home.

That’s made us very happy indeed. With a body likes yours we reckon you’d be a great superhero – which character would you like to play?

I’d love to play Batman because I appreciate that he has no super powers.



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