Carefree Instagrammer Alexander Brunton explains why he’s happy to get naked online.

These days, everyone on Instagram or Twitter seems to find it hard to keep their clothes on. What is that about, eh? Is it out-and-out exhibitionism? Or are folks merely super keen to celebrate the wonderfulness of the human body? We caught up with 20 year old Instagrammer Alexander Brunton to ask him why he has no qualms about flashing his flesh….

Your instagram features a lot of pictures of you not wearing very much. Do you enjoy being naked?

I actually do enjoy being nude. Most of my day if I’m not working, consists of being nude because not only do I feel secure with myself but I also feel my body can actually breathe.

What is it about showing off your body do you like? What feeling do you get from it?

I wouldn’t really say I’m trying to show off but at the same time I am. On one hand it feels natural and completely authentic but then on the other I was a chubby teen and worked really hard to get my body the way I want it. And I’m still working on it. The feeling I get is like I already said. Freedom of the real you and accepting yourself

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Obviously body image is important to you. Are you creating a body to make YOU happy to attract attention from others?

I am not actually working on my body for others. For the longest time I was depressed and at times still am, but some people eat a lot when sad. Me I just push myself to the better side of what I should be. Keeping healthy teaches me discipline and self respect. Of course sometimes I get tired and feel like giving up but I know to make ME happy, I have to get pushing and knowing I have the will power.

Do you think people are too easily offended by nudity?

Oh, Absolutely. America was raised to see sex as taboo and what do you use to have sex? Your body. Then comes nudity and etc. So a lot of people think it’s wrong to be nude when in reality it’s just so natural and it’s not disrespectful. Why should I feel ashamed for what I was born with just to make others happy.

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Do you like to pose nude to cause a reaction?

Of course at times. I want to see what others see whether it be good or bad. I really want to get the message to people ‘love your body it’s literally just skin’. If you only see a nude body for sexual purposes then you must be very insecure and to treat your body as a sexual toy basically is sad.

What kind of messages do you get on Instagram?

I actually get alot of hate and ‘oh god, why you do that’. But lately I’ve had so so many amazing messages from old people, young people and all the ones who think they are awkward and outcasts. Those responses make me happy to know that I can inspire people to push to be theirselves.

Do you ever get funny looks from people you work with?

No actually. Of course they just ignore that stuff online and treat me the same they have since day one.

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We all know that men have a penis – why do you think showing a penis in photographs or in films is so taboo even in 2016?

It goes back to the idea that sex is so shameful and taboo. No one really wants to break that barrier and I think you must be pretty strong to do so.

Do you think a penis is something that shouldnt be seen? Are we too squeamish?

It’s literally just a body part. Just like the arm, legs, hands and people of course set this fantasy in their minds and once something destroys their fantasy life they want it drives them nuts.

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Have you got in trouble from social media outlets about your pics
Oh yea. but you can learn your ways around that witha simple edit and white border and bam! Youre good to go.

Do you think there will be a change in public perception? Have you seen changes already?
I actually do think there will be and I have seen change but also have heard from others that they have changed their minds on it as well. More and more people are wanting to be nude because it’s so natural and it’s literally the best way to be confident and secure with yourself and your body.

What do you think about people who whip off their togs online? Are they are looking for attention or are we as a society a bit prudish when it comes to nudity? Let us know what you think by dropping us a line at