The news about the spread of coronavirus across the globe is of course absolutely terrifying, but there is so much confusing information being hurled at us that it isn’t entirely clear what we should be looking out for. So thank goodness for TV’s Dr Ranj who has posted a very helpful video on Instagram to tell us what’s what.

Just fifteen minutes long, the smiley medic boils down what BoJo and his medical cohorts detailed in their first love daily update today. So if you’re worried about CoronaVirus, give this clip a spin and let Dr Ranj give you the low down.

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‪So we’re stepping up how we deal with #coronavirus #covid19 in the UK.‬ ‪ This is a summary of the latest advice as of today.‬ ‪ Clarification: 1) If you develop symptoms of coronavirus (new fever and/or cough) & live by yourself – isolate for 7 days. 2) If you develop symptoms & live in a family – isolate whole family for 14 days. Why aren’t we closing schools yet? 1) Children are still at the lowest risk. 2) Closing schools would pose HUGE problems with childcare for some. 3) If we close schools too early then there is a risk people won’t self-isolate properly as they get fed up. 4) It has to be done at the right time for the right duration to be most effective. Remember to only use the #NHS if you really have to. If you need information/advice then use the ONLINE NHS111 service first 👉🏽‬ P.s. There is currently NO good evidence to say that we should stop using ibuprofen in coronavirus, despite what some other countries have said!

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For more information check out the NHS site…